[rescue] Sun 21" true flat monitor woes (continued)

Phil Stracchino alaric at metrocast.net
Thu Jul 31 15:38:27 CDT 2008

rescue at hawkmountain.net wrote:
> I'd have to look that up... but it is 21" true flat, with dual
> input (1/2 switch on front).  I have another 21" that is
> 'semi' flat (flat one way, curve the other) with the same features...
> it's black level is great.
> Is this likely a cap ?
> While I have fixed arcade games... it is a painstaking timeconsuming
> process... and their circuitry is simpler.  And now beeing a dad vs
> the last time I spent hours on arcade game repair... I have far less
> time now...
> If I could easily rescue this monitor, it is a wonderful monitor and
> would love to save it.

If it's the GDM5410, I have one, and the black level does drift badly
over time.  It's a design problem in the entire series.  There is a way
to adjust it, given the correct cable and some downloadable software.  I
successfully rescued mine.

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