[rescue] Sun 21" true flat monitor woes (continued)

Curious George jorge234q at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 31 12:13:49 CDT 2008


--- On Thu, 7/31/08, rescue at hawkmountain.net <rescue at hawkmountain.net> wrote:

> > Yes.  The brightness goes wonky.
> >
> > Which model?  I have schematics for some of these...
> I'd have to look that up... but it is 21" true flat, with dual
> input (1/2 switch on front).  I have another 21" that is

Ys, I have four of them in my workspace currently.  Heavy

> 'semi' flat (flat one way, curve the other) with the same
> features... it's black level is great.
> Is this likely a cap ?

Dunno.  In the past, when this has happened, I've
just swapped out the monitor for another one (I
come across these pretty often)
> While I have fixed arcade games...

<grin>  I spent a bit of time in gaming...  :>

> it is a painstaking timeconsuming
> process... and their circuitry is simpler.

Yes.  Arcade monitors, in particular, are usually not
near the same level of performance, are built much
cheaper, etc.  Just accessing the boards inside one
of these monitors is no small feat (IIRC, there are
5 or 6 boards in this monitor -- surrounding, and/or
attached to, the neck of the tube -- enclosed in
a metal skin)

> And now beeing a dad vs the last time I spent hours
> on arcade game repair... I have far less time now...

*Realistically*?  Probably best to just use the monitor
until you can't tolerate the black level any more and
then recycle it (please don't put it in a landfill)

> If I could easily rescue this monitor, it is a wonderful
> monitor and would love to save it.

If you think you can spend the time (figure at least a
solid day) dicking with it, send me model numberand
I'll look for schematics.  I suspect, though, that once
you start poking around inside it, you'll quickly
run out of time  :<  (note you will also need someplace
where you can leave it disassembled if yoou can't work on
it nonstop -- someplace "Junior" can't get at it!)

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