[rescue] 4x300 Origin 2000, E150, E420R in Santa Barbara

Brendan Shanks bkshanks at engineering.ucsb.edu
Thu Jul 31 11:38:38 CDT 2008

UCSB surplus has some nice machines lately:

* Origin 2000: 2 nodeboards, each with 2x300 MHz R12000 and ~2GB of RAM.
Skins are in nice shape, and has 2 drives (probably 9 or 18GB each).

* Enterprise 150 (green/white/black/purple tower on casters). No idea  
on specs

* 2 Enterprise 420Rs that look pretty beat up.

* 2 Ultra 80s, and a couple lunchbox LXs

* Also some Alpha gear: a DEC 3000, AServer DS10, some Compaq-branded  
Professional Workstations

I was also surprised to find a full set of IRIX 3.3 QIC tapes!

I'm probably going to rescue fibre channel cards (including a PCI  
shoehorn) out of the Origin today, along with a drive, and those QICs. 

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