[rescue] Sun 21" true flat monitor woes (continued)

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Thu Jul 31 10:37:09 CDT 2008

> Hi,
>> There was a discussion on 21" CRTs a while back where I
>> mentioned
>> the odd bzzt and bluring of my 21" Sun CRT.  It has
>> never happened
>> again... however, one thing the monitor has now is an
>> inability to have true blacks.
> Yes.  The brightness goes wonky.
> Which model?  I have schematics for some of these...

I'd have to look that up... but it is 21" true flat, with dual
input (1/2 switch on front).  I have another 21" that is
'semi' flat (flat one way, curve the other) with the same features...
it's black level is great.

Is this likely a cap ?

While I have fixed arcade games... it is a painstaking timeconsuming
process... and their circuitry is simpler.  And now beeing a dad vs
the last time I spent hours on arcade game repair... I have far less
time now...

If I could easily rescue this monitor, it is a wonderful monitor and
would love to save it.

-- Curt

>> I'm not sure why I didn't see it... maybe because
>> it still has a good
>> picture.... but I notice it when screen saver is on (mostly
>> black screen).
>> The background looks a light brown... and I can see
>> slightly brighter
>> brown lines tracing upwards from left to right.... I think
>> something
>> has gone faulty inside.
>> I now have brightness turned all the way to 0 and it looks
>> a bit
>> better... but still don't have true black (or even
>> close).  Black isnow a
>> dark brown (/brownish gray ?).
>> Wonder if anyone has ever seen anything like that before.
>> Been contemplating replacing this with an LCD, but it is a
>> nice
>> monitor, and the number of power on hours it sees in a day,
>> I'll be
>> waiting a long time for the power savings to pay for a new
>> LCD.
>> (especially of this sort of size).
>> Hoping this is something someone has seen, and may know the
>> 'fix'.
>> -- Curt
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