[rescue] Fwd: Alpha DS20s and associated external storage available

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Thought this may be of interest to some. 

ObDisclaimer: I'm not afiliated with the OP and he OKd me posting this to


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Subject: Alpha DS20s and associated external storage available
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Hi all,

Several Compaq DS20 servers are available for free in the San Jose/Silicon
Valley California area. There is also a LARGE amount of external associated
disc drives available. 

> I have a number DS20s (~16) plus 
> DEC storage arrays with 9GB drives (total > 1TB).
> Free for 
> pickup in San Jose (ie you come by my storage unit and haul
> off what 
> you want...sorry no shipping and no delivery).  Any of it
> that's left 
> after 8/23 will be scrapped.
> They were pulled working years ago, but they've been
> moved a couple of 
> times so I don't know the actual operating condition.
> I also don't 
> know what's in 'em (except that they're pretty
> max'd out) so don't ask 
> about specific configs.

All are rack mount form-factor. No front bezels.

Note: LOCAL San Jose CA area pickup only before 8/23. No shipping, no
delivery, no holding for future pickup - sorry. First-come, first served.

Please contact me off list if interested. If the community could use these
that would be great.


Lee Courtney

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