[rescue] Suggestions for AIX devel system?

Aaron Finley nerp at atfinley.com
Thu Jul 31 08:52:06 CDT 2008

Sridhar Ayengar wrote:
> Adam Kropelin wrote:
>> Folks,
> Pick up a 44P-170.  (7044-170)  They come in three speeds, 333MHz, 
> 375MHz and 450MHz.  All chips are POWER3-II.  Any of them will do the 
> job.  I recommend 2GB RAM or more.

Speaking of 44Ps: A local surplus operation just scrapped around 10 
44P-270s. I visit on a bi-monthly basis (used to be twice daily!) and on 
my latest visit they were loading them in the scrap truck. Fully loaded 
all of them, but I was told they had been sitting out in the rain for 
weeks. This place has no understanding of anything but Windows machines 
and sells at a rate of $5-10 per machine unless it says 'Dell'. Since 
this place supports a major state university, I made an absolute killing 
for a number of years.

I was quite sad, not least of all because of how much money I could have 
made if I had caught them when they came in.

-- Aaron

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