[rescue] Sun 21" true flat monitor woes (continued)

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at hawkmountain.net
Thu Jul 31 01:02:27 CDT 2008

There was a discussion on 21" CRTs a while back where I mentioned
the odd bzzt and bluring of my 21" Sun CRT.  It has never happened
again... however, one thing the monitor has now is an inability to
have true blacks.

I'm not sure why I didn't see it... maybe because it still has a good
picture.... but I notice it when screen saver is on (mostly black screen).
The background looks a light brown... and I can see slightly brighter
brown lines tracing upwards from left to right.... I think something
has gone faulty inside.

I now have brightness turned all the way to 0 and it looks a bit
better... but still don't have true black (or even close).  Black isnow a
dark brown (/brownish gray ?).

Wonder if anyone has ever seen anything like that before.

Been contemplating replacing this with an LCD, but it is a nice
monitor, and the number of power on hours it sees in a day, I'll be
waiting a long time for the power savings to pay for a new LCD.
(especially of this sort of size).

Hoping this is something someone has seen, and may know the 'fix'.

-- Curt

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