[rescue] [Semi-OT] 700MHz Xeons in a Proliant 6400R?

Carl R. Friend crfriend at rcn.com
Wed Jul 30 18:04:09 CDT 2008

    On Wed, 30 Jul 2008, Bill Bradford wrote:

> I had a SS1000 stored on its side up against a wall when I lived
> in Austin.   When I went to drag it out so I could pile it with
> other stuff to move, I discovered that the cats had been sleeping
> on top of it, and had both puked and pissed into it, down through
> the vents on the side.

    It's one thing when it's a ten-year-old piece of microcomputer
gear.  It's something else when it's a 30+ year-old minicomputer.

    Insert very sad emoticon here.

    The only upside is that the internals of the machines seem OK;
I only need to find a source for the correct front-panel switches
and proper trim (the latter, I accept, is impossible to find; it'll
need to be faked).

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