[rescue] Feedback on Sun 24" LCD?

Shannon Hendrix shannon at widomaker.com
Wed Jul 30 17:42:02 CDT 2008

On Jul 7, 2008, at 14:27 , Dan Sikorski wrote:

> Four of five years ago, over a short period of time I went from  
> looking at CRT's all day long to not looking at them at all.  (I  
> replaced a CRT TV with DLP, and CRT computer monitors with LCD.)  A  
> few months later, I realized that my eyes were no longer tired at  
> the end of the day as they had always been in the past.  For me it  
> was a big difference, and for that reason alone, i would sacrifice a  
> little bit of color accuracy for my everyday tasks (none of which  
> are very sensitive to color accuracy) to use an LCD instead of a CRT.

Same here.

Something else to consider is that color and print work also require  
sharp displays, good brightness, and the ability to stay calibrated  
for long periods of time.

Some CRTs really are good with color, but the majority are no better  
than a low end LCD.  Color accurate CRTs were actually pretty rare:  
most were barely adequate, and I frequently found that they were not  
consistently manufactured after about 1998.

Now days, if you can find a CRT, they almost universally suck.

The last CRT I liked was my 1998 Sony 21".  Very good color, at least  
for the first 4 years, at which point it started becoming harder and  
harder to calibrate, and needed calibration with increasing  
frequency.  It also started gradually losing focus until it had to be  
replaced at 8 years.

My first LCD was one of the cheap high-speed panels, and it was hard  
to calibrate.  However, it was at least sharp and consistent, and once  
calibrated it stayed there
for months at a time.  It could not calibrate black level quite right.

Then I got my current NEC 2470 and it has very good color.  It's  
trivial to calibrate and rarely needs adjustment.  It's sharper and  
easier on my eyes than any CRT I ever owned.

It is good enough for color and print work, but if I were doing it  
professionally, then I'd certain go for a high end LCD once I could  
afford it.

However, I think this one is a good compromise.

Shannon Hendrix
shannon at widomaker.com

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