[rescue] [Semi-OT] 700MHz Xeons in a Proliant 6400R?

Marc Gutschner Marc.Gutschner at GMX.DE
Wed Jul 30 15:43:30 CDT 2008

Carl R. Friend schrieb:
>    On Wed, 30 Jul 2008, Marc Gutschner wrote:
>> Lesson learned: *NEVER* let a cat near any piece of hardware that
>> you want to keep.  Cats (esp. males) have a vary nasty habit of
>> peeing on anything they don't like!
>    Tell me about it.  My wife used to breed show cats; my collection
> suffered horribly from it.
Well, I had this E4K that started out with a single CPU board, dual 167 
MHz processors and 256MB RAM. Over the last 2 years I picked up parts 
here and there and finally arrived at 5 CPU boards with 10 CPUs @ 250MHz 
and 6 Gig of RAM. It was a really nice lab system for doing some Oracle 
Application Server development I needed for a larger project.

When said project was finished - about half a year ago - I stored it 
snugly against a wall in our home office. So far, so good. Since we 
didn't travel on our summer holiday, I decided it was time to play a 
little bit with the biggest iron in my zoo and pulled it out of the 
corner and was not amused by the stench coming from it when "carrying" 
it over to my "workbench". A closer inspection revealed some strange 
spots all across the front side - and a disturbing thought crept into 
the back of my mind. When trying to pull one of the front CPU modules it 
would'nt budge at first. Finally, it came loose and I almost vomited on 
the board - you can't imaging how fast and thoroughly cat pee can cause 
corrosion of the worst kind. The top part of board bracket was 
completely covered with brownish rust - and some of the "fluid" has 
dripped down across the backplane interface section and wreaked havoc 

Same with the remaining 3 CPU boards in the front slots - the machine 
was crippled to the point of uselessness. I won't tell you about the 
heated argument that erupted when I told my SO I'll be killing any of 
the cats if they dare to come near any of my machines...


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