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in case anyone here isn't on the suns-at-home list...

" From: Scott Stevens <sastevens59 at gmail.com>
" To: suns-at-home at net-kitchen.com
" Date: Wed, 23 Jul 2008 01:11:07 -0400
" I am posting this message to offer a lot of older Sun hardware that I have not been using and would like to give away.  I am located in central Indiana south of Indianapolis.
" I have:
" Various Sparcstation 5/10/20 boxes.  
" Two 17" Sun monitors.
" Lunchbox Sparcs- IPX, IPC and some of the newer ones.
" External Drive enclosures.
" Several Keyboards
" A SparcServer 1000 with Drive Array and fibre cable to connect.
" A 386i (just the cpu)
" I would like to have someone interested pick it all up.  It is all very heavy (especially the SS1000) and I don't want to have to ship any of it.
" This would be a 'Free' offer.
" To spark further interest, I also have a DEC PDP-11 box (an LSI-11) that can be included (for free) to whomever takes it all.  You will need a small van or a truck to get all of this.
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