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>>The 2000 was built not PC compatible because Tandy feared being sued by IBM.  
>All its software had to be specially written to take care of different 
>interrupts, memory configurations and video.  It was better than the XT of the 
>> day (80186, almost EGA video for example).
>> The Tandy 2000 had an 80286 CPU, not the 80186...
>Wrong!  They hadn't developed the 286 then.  I Googled Tandy 2000 and the first two listed said 80186 in the description, so this time, I'm not losing my mind. :)  Not many machines used that chip.

RIGHT! http://www.8bit-micro.com/tandy2000.htm

The 80286 was released within two months of the release of the Tandy 2000.


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