[rescue] A Vax Question

alex at lava-net.com alex at lava-net.com
Fri Jul 11 07:53:10 CDT 2008

A fit of nostalgia has convinced me to drag out my Microvax II when I 
get home this weekend to see if it still fires up, and to try to put 
some OS or other (unix) on it.  My main question is, what is a good 
solution for storage on these machines these days? It currently has 4 
RD54s (1 dead) on an RQDX3, though I wonder if there's something better 
available at a reasonable price? I tried going the NFS root a while 
back, though I got extremely slow performance out of the Deqna controler 
(about 200kb/s transfer).  Is this normal?

Another somewhat less important question is I had an interesting issue 
with the tqk50 controler last time I tried using it...NetBSD could read 
and write to tapes fine, but the drive was not seen by the boot rom (I 
seem to recall just getting devoffline everytime I tried booting from 
it).  Anyone know what could cause this? I will provide more information 
on the problem when I get home and have a chance to pull the machine out 
and take a look.

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