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" From: Saquinn624 at aol.com
" Since the 3B1/3B2/UNIXpc discussion has opened the thoughtgates, I thought
" I'd reask a 3B2 question:
" []
" (2) For formatting a SCSI drive from a "bare-metal" system (no currently
" running system disk - it died with the spinup-click click- spindown problem
" that
" I've seen on several drives of that vintage. I have a Sun OEM 400-something
" MB drive that I'm putting in) do I need the disk SCSI-FMT? I know that disk
" labeling doesn't seem to be supported from the miniroot (it errors out with a
" "unidentified disk" type error). I've found a "SCSI FAQ" but it seems to be
" exclusively for Version 2 3B2s with a working MFM/RLL drive/filesystem
" layout.

i don't recall the details because it was way too early in my sysadm
career, but when i put some non-att seagates in my 3b2/600 there was a
system file that had to be edited to include the scsi id string of the
new drives before they were recognized.  the string i was given looked
rather like the string sun format generates when saving the geometry
of a new disk into a local format.dat.

i had a running system when i did this.

iirc more recently the solaris tape driver still operated this way.
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