[rescue] Terminals for 3B2/310

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Wed Jul 9 16:56:49 CDT 2008

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From: Barry Skidmore <skidmore at edatalink.org>
> I might be acquiring an AT&T 3B2/310 soon and am wondering what
> terminals are compatible with it.  I have a VT-320 and 420 that I use
> with some vintage DEC machines.  If these will work, what about the
> cable connector compatibility; the type with the offset tab?
> Thanks,
> Barry

IIRC the serial boards were the 8 pin RJ-45 type like on network cables.
Forgot if the cables were wired exactly wired like network cables.  I also
have a load of adapters for DB-25/RJ45 so
I can hook up almost anything to it.  I had bought a metric buttload of RJ-45
connectors and a whole lot of 8 conductor flat cable at the time.  I was going
to set one up in my classroom if they didn't put in the network that was
promised.  Never had to, magically PCs appeared during the summer.

I think it's just a matter of setting the serial parameters.  I forgot what
they were but I had several terminals working with my 3B2 system.  I think
your terminals would work fine.


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