[rescue] 3B2 questions

Saquinn624 at aol.com Saquinn624 at aol.com
Wed Jul 9 14:25:51 CDT 2008

Since the 3B1/3B2/UNIXpc discussion has opened the thoughtgates, I thought
I'd reask a 3B2 question:

(1) Does anyone here have the "3B2 Computer Maintenance Utilities" or idtools
diskette image for a 3B2-1000 (Version 3 3B2)? Or is this merely the disk
with the utilities like "filledt" that ships with the machine (of which I have

(2) For formatting a SCSI drive from a "bare-metal" system (no currently
running system disk - it died with the spinup-click click- spindown problem
I've seen on several drives of that vintage. I have a Sun OEM 400-something MB
drive that I'm putting in) do I need the disk SCSI-FMT? I know that disk
labeling doesn't seem to be supported from the miniroot (it errors out with a
"unidentified disk" type error). I've found a "SCSI FAQ" but it seems to be
exclusively for Version 2 3B2s with a working MFM/RLL drive/filesystem

(3) Anyone know about backplane configs? I have a 3B2-1000/80 backplane with
a 3B2-1000/70 processor (in a 3B2-1000/60-labeled case). It came with a PE
card, but I'm not sure what slot might work, and none of the manuals I looked
explained the difference between 5Bus, Buffered 5Bus, and the PE card slots,
so I don't know what is what on my system and if the /80 backplane would
support PE cards even with a /70 processor (and what exactly is the difference
between the MPB and the PE cards exclusive of speed?)

(4) Anyone have extra 3B2 option cards lying around? Wouldn't mind an EPORTS
or NI card.

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