[rescue] 3b1/7300/unixpc/s4 history [was: Wanted - 3B2]

Sandwich Maker adh at an.bradford.ma.us
Wed Jul 9 12:00:03 CDT 2008

" From: wa2egp at att.net
" > i recall there was a way to make a backdoor that would give you root
" > access, but not what it was.  i used it -once- to break into a system
" > for which the root passwd was lost.
" My way was just reinstall the OS.  OK, so I didn't know much then. :)   (then?)

that would've been my preferred route, but the system in question was
engaged in some sort of work or testing that couldn't be so easily

" > * i was once personally told by an hp-ux developer that the sV kernel
" > was 'crap'.  i would guess sun thought so too, as solaris 2 made
" > significant progress in performance and stability when they rewrote
" > the kernel, about 2.4 iirc.
" I wouldn't know enough to say if a kernel is crap or not.

i wouldn't either, firsthand.  i know just enough to follow their

" For what
" little I did with it, it was fine for me.  The only thing I regretted
" was that I never got it on line.  My ISP of that time was text-based
" although the 1200 baud modem would be a little slow. :)

i ran with 1200 and 2400, and uucp networking, for many years.  i read
my email and even ran netnews offline, dialling up every hr to send
and receive updates.
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