[rescue] Wanted - 3B2

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Mon Jul 7 21:50:11 CDT 2008

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From: adh at an.bradford.ma.us (Sandwich Maker)
> " From: wa2egp at att.net
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> " Somebody mentioned the 3B1
> " but it was similar to the 7300 (I do not know what the difference
> " was).  I modded mine so it can take larger hard drives.
> the 3b1 case had a bump to accept full-height 5.25" drives; the 7300's
> smooth top only allowed half-height drives.  the 3b1 ps was slightly
> more powerful too.  otherwise there was no difference.
> " BTW, I think I have a complete set of software for it.
> i have quite a lot socked away somewhere too, along with a hardware
> reference manual.

I remember now.  Probably the beefier power supply was for the power those full height drives would pull.  Actually, I was toying with the idea of putting in two 3.5 drives in place of the 5.25 drive.  I would fit if I swung the drives sideways.  Too bad they didn't go one more version of that machine.  The next one would have been color.


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