[rescue] Wanted - 3B2

Steve Hatle shatle at nfldinet.com
Mon Jul 7 21:23:11 CDT 2008

On 7/7/08 4:35 PM, "Sandwich Maker"  wrote:

> dmd-replacement mtg 630/730 could be had with white, amber, or green
> tubes.  all ours were amber so i don't know how the green phosphor
> compared to the 5620.  and btw the only difference between the 630
> and 730 is firmware.
> * i first learned about networking hooking our 3b1s together with our
> 3b2/400s with starlan-1 -- remember that?

I have a 630 as a console for my 3B2, but I liked the DMD for the "full
screen" size, the windowing software, and the funky mouse :-)

I never dealt with StarLan-1. We had the 10MB StarLan when we started to
hook our networked PCs to the StarServer/E. The StarServer was the first box
for which I was totally responsible as an admin in my career.

I remember digging through the AT&T kernel stuff to build device entries and
conf files to then build a kernel to support 4GB SCSI drives. 5 1/4
full-height 4GB Seagate drives has just gotten "reasonable" at about
$2400/per, and we needed the space!

Our AT&T service guy had me copy my notes for him, and then the procedure
got sent out as a StarServer service bulletin, at least in the midwest

Man- I learned a lot (and made some stupid mistakes) back in the day. I
don't know if it will ever be that much fun again :-)


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