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If anybody in the Rochester, NY area has a 3B2, well, I don't have
much to trade but I'd swap a VAX, Ultra 1, or Ultra 10... or all
three. Yeah, seems kinda like offering 3 of these big shiny pennies
for that tiny little dime, but one can try ;)


On 7/7/08, Jerry K <sun.mail.list at oryx.cc> wrote:
> I worked on 3B2 600's and 600GR during my time in the Air Force.  Those
> models were rack mounted for us.
> I don't have experience with any of the other models, but I have good
> memories of the ones (above) that I worked with.
> There are a number of good 3B1/3B2 sites out on the internet, with
> software and updates to download.
> Jerry K
> John Lengeling wrote:
>> 3B1 - Desktop, all in one unit 68K based system
>> 3B2/300, 3B2/400, 3B2/500, 3B2/600, 3B2/800 were all desk top servers.
>> They sat pretty much on a desk as they has a rectangular footprint and
>> wouldn't fit in a 19" rack.
>> 3B5, 3B15 were cabinet sized and came already mounted in racks.
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>> Ethan O'Toole wrote:
>>> Looking for a 3B2 for a friend.
>>> Desktop style.
>> I thought that the 3B1 was the desktop style, and the 3B2/3B2GR were the
>> server/rack mount systems.
>> It was a while back though :)
>> Jerry K
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