[rescue] Sun 21" CRTs (was: Feedback on Sun 24" LCD?)

Robert Darlington rdarlington at gmail.com
Mon Jul 7 16:05:42 CDT 2008

Hey, my NeXT color monitor does something similar.  It ticks or
something, the picture jumps a little bit, and then it's fine again
for a couple of minutes.   My guess is something is arcing over, but
don't know enough about how these things are built to know for sure.
Any ideas?   Also, is anybody getting rid of a good color NeXT monitor
near New Mexico by chance? (can't hurt to ask!)


> I have one of each... and the true flat had an issue recently where it made
> a noise
> and the screen went fuzzy, it self corrected, did it again, self corrected,
> then did it
> again, and wasn't correcting... so I turned it off and back on and it
> corrected.
> Then I think it did it one more time.  It hasn't done it since, and the
> monitor is
> crisp.. only thing is on the dark blue/purplish background when waking it
> up,
> I see some fine red lines running 30 degree 'uphill' from left to right on
> the
> background... but then the windows (mostly white) refresh, and then if I
> switch
> to an empty desktop I don't see it... so unsure what it is.
> Are these notorious for failing ?  Should I be planning a retirement party
> for it ?
> (I surely wouldn't mind saving the power, but it is a damn nice CRT, so I'd
> hate
> to lose it).
> -- Curt

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