[rescue] Feedback on Sun 24" LCD?

Carl R. Friend crfriend at rcn.com
Mon Jul 7 14:39:51 CDT 2008

    On Mon, 7 Jul 2008, Jerry K wrote:

> I can't speak to the first generation 24 LCD monitor, but I just purchased a 
> Sun 24" LCD monitor for myself @ home in May, and it has been a good monitor 
> for me.

    The main thing you really need to be concerned about in a potential
switch from CRT to LCD technology is whether the LCD can (1) handle all
the scan-rates that you CRT can, (2) whether it can handle all the various
resolutions that CRTs just take in stride (it it can't do 1-to-1 pixel
resolution, run away), and (3) whether it can properly display proper
colour definition.

    $PPOE recently replaced my 21" Sun monitor  with a 24" HP LCD one,
and I actually rather like the result.  Note, however, that I still
have the CRT on my floor because the HP unit cannot (1) do the oddball
Sun resolutions and (2) is *very* heavy on reds making colour-balancing
darn near impossible.

> I am not a gamer myself either, so I can't comment on that.

    I play Unreal Tournament on occasion at work, and the HP unit works
well for that.  But then again, I'm not all that demanding of it.

    At home, however, at least until I'm out of collecting once and
for all, I'm wedded to CRTs, and have built up a small cache of them.
Nothing else will work well with some of the truly oddball resolutions
that some of the earlier proprietary workstations pump out.


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