[rescue] Feedback on Sun 24" LCD?

Curious George jorge234q at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 7 14:25:28 CDT 2008


--- On Mon, 7/7/08, William Enestvedt <William.Enestvedt at jwu.edu> wrote:

> Robert wrote, "Any 10 year old CRT will outperform
> it."
>    And yet, it's still a 24" LCD, so if you just
> want a big display lower power (?), and a smaller form 
> factor, it's fine.
>   I have a 24" Sun LCD [is it the same one? Dual
> inputs?] on the desk of our budget analyst, connected to
> an HP laptop. She can display huge tracts of spreadsheets
> without constantly scrolling, so simply put her
> life is good. Mind you, I wouldn't have given it to
> someone doing, say, color-matching or retouching or
> video work -- which gets back to Robert's post.

I use 21" CRT's almost exclusively.   I need a *lot* of
(virtual) desktop space as I often develop distributed
applications that run on three or more hosts concurrently
(so I have lots of windows peeking at lots of different
things on many different machines -- it's just easier to
be able to see your application *plus* "under the hood"
on the various machines that are contributing to making
it work).  Each of my three primary workstations has
a pair of 21" monitors (like I said, I need a LOT of
desktop space!  :> )

I also do a fair bit of 2D & 3D CAD (winders platform)
that benefits from having nice smooth color gradations
in renders.

I found LCD's hard on my eyes.  It felt like looking through
the branches of a white birch tree after an ice storm (sorry
that reference may not be understood by all; but, for those who
know the visual impression it is dead on!)

My SGI VWS has a widescreen LCD (1600?) that I tolerate due
to it's "fit" with that machine.  But, I currently need another
pair of monitors and hesitate to drag out the 19" LSA800's
even though they *would* give me some much needed desk space

(in reference to another post re: that "extra desk space"...
with age, I find it easier to view the screen when it is a bit
further away -- not really feasible with the monstrous 21"
CRTs!  And, having space between me and the monitor helps
to accomodate the various input devices that I use -- mouse,
tablet and spaceball)

I had a line on a pair of 24" wide-screen Sun CRT's but,
unfortunately, one of them was toast (and since I need them
in *pairs*...  :< )

[BTW, they *are* heavier than lead!]

>    So Steve, if it fits your needs, go for it.

Agreed.  But, make sure you're comparing apples to apples.
I.e., look at display resolution -- not just size.  You don't
want to find yourself staring at 1 inch square pixels!! :>
(OTOH, 1600x1200 on a 17" display is not for those with old eyes!)

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