[rescue] Rescued a Megaframe Cabinet...

Earl Baugh earl at baugh.org
Tue Jan 29 14:46:03 CST 2008


I scored a rescue of a MegaFrame Cabinet System M-Series rack (with side
panels, and both doors... and nary a scratch on it!) from the office.
(like this :
http://www.chatsworth.com/Common/PageTemplates/PageMain.aspx?id=142 )

I've currently got an open 4 post rack set up in my office for my equipment,
but this would definitely look nicer (unless there is some after market
place to sell racks that would be really worth the trouble) and hopefully
will also reduce the ambient fan noise...

The question I have is that I've never had a closed rack system.  I don't
have a heat issue in the existing rack (which is just "passively cooled"
i.e. the fans from the units just exhaust the air from each system into the
room).  I'm assuming that with the proper fans, I shouldn't have a problem
with the new setup.   Is this just wishful thinking, or possible?

Second, it has one fan unit (2 fans) which looks like part of this :
Anybody know or have access to another set to go with these? (I don't have
the power cord part...I have the "slave" I think...it's got the
plug that would plug into the cable as in the picture...the one on the
right)   The one unit is installed on the top (I've not tested it yet,
I'm thinking if I can find a source for the 2nd fan and power cord that this
would move a fair amount of air thru the cabinet...(all in context to the
answer to the above question).


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