[rescue] Miscellaneous rescue items

Zach Lowry zach at zachlowry.net
Sat Jan 26 15:42:07 CST 2008

Make an offer / claim on the following:

2x (dead) Dell PE2550s, good for parts. One has a RAID key + battery  
+ memory.  have sleds, power supplies, CD-ROMs, etc.
Old Compaq Proliant 5000. This is big and heavy. I have a bunch of  
the old tan Compaq sleds, and an external SCSI JBOD for it.
2x Sun Vixel FC100 Hubs
2x Sun A5200 Rack Kits
1x Rack Shelf for Vixel Hubs
1x NeXTStation w/ Monitor. This is the old 25MHz B&W one. No hard drive.
1x Cobalt Qube, 64MB, 20G Hard Disk.
1x Sun 3/60, dual color and B&W video, 20MB ram.

If no one wants any of this it'll end up in the trash sooner or later.


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