[rescue] iBasketcase

Aaron Finley nerp at atfinley.com
Mon Jan 21 17:20:46 CST 2008

Charles Monett wrote:

> Mind that they got rid of the decent screens for those right after the 
> T60p (IPS). The screens that they've put in only make me debate about 
> warranty extension or find a model with it that's being sold. Once you 
> go IPS, you find it very hard to want to go back. Never mind the 
> cheapness, just have an option for quality(that isn't priced 
> intentionally to fail).

I noticed immediately that the screen has awful color is would be quite 
poor for graphics/art purposes. The viewing angle performance is poor, 
even looking dead-on at it the image shifts. However, the text is sharp 
and clear and the screen is bright, which is all I need it for -- PuTTY 
windows, PDFs, e-mail, and a text editor. I've got a 24" LCD of much 
higher quality and a desktop for non-business (e.g. photo) use.

-- Aaron

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