[rescue] iBasketcase

Charles Monett camonett at woh.rr.com
Mon Jan 21 17:14:43 CST 2008

Aaron Finley wrote:
>> When a brand new dual Core2 T61 can be had for around $700, with 
>> someone's EPP discount and their PayPal/special of the week, why bother?
>> Mine came out to $750 this last week, with the WSXGA+ screen. $40 later 
>> from NewEgg, and I have 3GB of RAM in it. It's scary quick -- I'm 
>> running a testdrive of SAP NetWeaver on Suse via VMWare, and everything 
>> is still running fast.
Mind that they got rid of the decent screens for those right after the 
T60p (IPS). The screens that they've put in only make me debate about 
warranty extension or find a model with it that's being sold. Once you 
go IPS, you find it very hard to want to go back. Never mind the 
cheapness, just have an option for quality(that isn't priced 
intentionally to fail).

I'd rather just bite the bullet and find a 2623-DDU(one of the last 
models to have IPS) and throw whatever at that.

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