[rescue] AS/400? Anyone?

Dan Sikorski me at dansikorski.com
Mon Jan 21 14:57:25 CST 2008

Sridhar Ayengar wrote:
> I don't know, but it would be easy for me to find out.  I'll ask.
I'm going to have to hit up the guys at the local liquor store.  I've 
never really went out of my way to try different ciders, but now my 
interest is definitely piqued.  I'm a frequent customer of import and 
microbrew beers (as well as wine and liquor) so the employees at the 
local decent liquor store know me by name, ask me how my friends are, 
notice that i got a haircut, etc..  If I ask for something, and they can 
get it, they do.  (Because of this, i almost never buy my alcohol from a 
grocery store or large chain.)  I'll see what they can get...

    -Dan Sikorski

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