[rescue] iBasketcase

Aaron Finley nerp at atfinley.com
Mon Jan 21 10:08:32 CST 2008

>> At a quick survey of salvage places etc, even with used parts, it  
>> looks
>> like it'd need about $700 in parts to resurrect it, even before
>> considering RAM and hard disk.  Considering comparable TiBooks can be
>> found in the $200-$300 range on eBay, this doesn't seem cost- 
>> effective.
> The hinge repair isn't too much money if you shop around but it's a  
> lot of work. Do that and the new display cable and a cheap hard drive  
> and it'll make a good wireless home workstation (althoguh it will  
> incinerate your lap after a while). Mine is used a roaming desktop,  
> because I can't afford to pay what retailers want for a non-explosive  
> battery. That said,m when working they are a beautiful machine to use.  
> Very fast and the keyboard is a joy ti type on.

When a brand new dual Core2 T61 can be had for around $700, with 
someone's EPP discount and their PayPal/special of the week, why bother?

Mine came out to $750 this last week, with the WSXGA+ screen. $40 later 
from NewEgg, and I have 3GB of RAM in it. It's scary quick -- I'm 
running a testdrive of SAP NetWeaver on Suse via VMWare, and everything 
is still running fast.

-- Aaron

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