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Mon Jan 21 02:32:39 CST 2008

On 19 Jan 2008, at 21:09, Phil Stracchino wrote:

> We've been gifted with a much-the-worse-for-wear Powerbook Titanium
> Onyx, Apple model # M8407.  It has no battery, power supply, or hard
> disk; the Airport card is missing; I have no idea how much RAM is
> present because I have no idea where to look for it; the case screws  
> are
> missing

I got a free one a couple of years ago in similar condition, but with  
more parts present.

RAM is under the keyboard.

> parts of the case are badly corroded and there's green and
> white corrosion products visible in various places.

If it's anywhere around the 'wrist rest' area, or where it took bumps  
regularly this is normal an not a sign of moisture. I think looking at  
the pain layers, Apple used a green etch primer over the alloy and  
then overlaid that with light grey paint. Anywhere it's been rubbed  
extensively or got sweat on it it breaks up, mine is just the same,  
you can scrape the pain on the wrist rest off with your finger nail  
and it's like play-do.

> The optical drive is present and seems intact, keyboard looks fine,  
> screen is somewhat
> scuffed but looks physically undamaged, though one of the hinges is
> broken

Also normal, beware the optical drives do move about and can act very  
jankey, especially if there are screws missing out of the base or the  
casing is warped. You can usually tell as they make a horrible sound  
like they are scraping the surface off your disk. They don't, mine has  
never damaged a CD or DVD to date (knock on wood).

> and the display data harness is badly frayed where it passes
> through the broken hinge (at least one wire is broken).

The hinges are a cow to replace because the two halves of the lid are  
bonded together. I pretty much wrecked the corner of mine doing it but  
if you aren't a marauding elephant like me you might be able to do it  
carefully. Be careful especially around where the screws go through,  
the outer alloy skin is VERY thin and fragile.

> The top and
> bottom case and the display housing seem mechanically sound, but the
> bezel has holes eaten through it and the case finish is peeling in
> various places.

The peeling is normal, the catch should also be broken by my  
estimation (they always did).

> At a quick survey of salvage places etc, even with used parts, it  
> looks
> like it'd need about $700 in parts to resurrect it, even before
> considering RAM and hard disk.  Considering comparable TiBooks can be
> found in the $200-$300 range on eBay, this doesn't seem cost- 
> effective.

The hinge repair isn't too much money if you shop around but it's a  
lot of work. Do that and the new display cable and a cheap hard drive  
and it'll make a good wireless home workstation (althoguh it will  
incinerate your lap after a while). Mine is used a roaming desktop,  
because I can't afford to pay what retailers want for a non-explosive  
battery. That said,m when working they are a beautiful machine to use.  
Very fast and the keyboard is a joy ti type on.

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