[rescue] AS/400? Anyone?

Mike Meredith very at zonky.org
Sun Jan 20 16:51:44 CST 2008

On Sun, 20 Jan 2008 17:05:24 -0500, John Floren wrote:
> As long as you don't pick the Budweiser that everyone seems to think
> all American beer resembles, American beer is damn tasty too. Avoid

Actually I wouldn't count the fermented gnats piss that comes out of
certain US breweries as beer at all. I'm sure there's some fine
American beers; just as there are some hideous English beers.

The traditional view (at least over here) is that American beer is
mostly lager whereas traditional British beer is one form or another of
ale. Very different beers.

Of course none of this comes to close to proper (hard) cider, which
should be still, cloudy, strip the enamel from your teeth, claw down
your throat and sit uneasily in your stomach. And preferably have a
fearsome name like "Swamp Donkey" :)

Now I'm feeling thirsty!

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