[rescue] Sun Monitor Sanity Check

Joshua Boyd jdboyd at jdboyd.net
Sat Jan 19 12:46:03 CST 2008

Just for a bit of follow up, I did try another monitor.  The new one is
an eMachines 17" LCD that is fairly new.  

At first it said scan frequency out of range, but not it just says no

According to fbconfig, the card is set to 1280x1024x60, which is what
the LCD's native resolution is (and what I'm using on the U5).

Hopefull the official Sun adapter is all I need to make this work.

bash-3.00# fbconfig -dev /dev/fbs/ifb0 -prconf

--- Hardware Configuration for /dev/fbs/ifb0 ---
Type: Expert3D
PROM Information: @(#)ifb.fth 1.53 00/01/07 SMI 
EDID Data: Available - EDID version 1 revision 3
Monitor type: EEA product code 1763 S/N 16843009 DOM 46W/2006
Monitor possible resolutions: 1024x768x60, 1024x768x70, 1024x768x75, 
1280x1024x60, 1280x1024x75, 640x480x60
Current resolution setting: 1280x1024x60
Slave Mode: Disabled
Video Memory Total: 67108864
Video Memory Used: 0
Texture Memory Total: 67108864
Texture Memory Used: 0
Display List Memory Total: 8388608


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