[rescue] bulk erasing DLT tapes (or, more specifically, NOT)

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at hawkmountain.net
Fri Jan 18 23:01:53 CST 2008

OMFG...  I used to worry about keeping magnetic media near magnetic 
I wouldn't think twice at this point about storing a DLT IV tape near a 
monitor, speaker, or large permanent magnet even...

I started with a RS video tape eraser (6 amps).... heh... the DLT tape 

I think got off ebay a heavy bulk eraser for professional audio/video 
15A .... yowza... heavy... big, loud (the hum), makes a strong field...

The f'ing DLT tape is still lauging at me ?  What do you need to erase 
a thermonuclear EMP ?!?!?!?!

I've exposed a tape to 1 minute topside, one minute bottom side... I can 
READ the f'ing contents !

This all started as I have tons of 20G formatted DLT IV tapes, but now 
have a
VS80 drive (40G format)....

Unreal.... guess I need a degausser that uses 240V and draws like 40A or 

Or do I just need to leave it on mine for like 10 minutes (it seems to 
cut out
(thermal protection?) after 1 minute even though it is rated for a 10 
minute on
duty cycle) ?

Anyone in the MA/RI area with a degausser that can actually erase these 
things ?

New (professional) units rated for DLT erasure are simply out of my 

-- Curt

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