[rescue] Sun Monitor Sanity Check

Jonathan Sturges jonathansturges at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 18 09:24:37 CST 2008

> On Thu, Jan 17, 2008 at 01:57:16PM -0800, Jonathan Sturges wrote:
> > FYI...
> > Aside from the great Sun-branded adapters, a very useful cable
> for
 odd monitor/Unix framebuffer configurations is this one:
> >
> =00633&search=13W3_CABLE&rsite=pccables.comcgi&rcode=
> > 
> > I use it primarily now to let my SGI Indy XL24 graphics card speak
> > VGA, so I can put the Indy on a PC PS/2-style KVM switch. 
> Does that actually work as a SoG extractor, or does the Indy
> already
> out both SoG and seperate sync?
> I think I need to find a F-F VGA gender bender as well.  Certainly I'd
> need one to use that cable.  The VGA cable out the back of the Apple
> monitor is not replacable.

I don't believe the cable performs any magic on with SoG.  The XL24 card is capable of separate sync, and the cable just sets the proper mode bits to make the XL24 behave.  What's neat about this particular cable is that you can manipulate so many mode bits at will.  This makes it useful for pretty much any 13w3 to vga application, assuming your framebuffer is able to output the sync you need.

Though this cable would work for your application, all you really need for the Expert3D is a Sun 13w3 male to vga female adapter.  Some other nice Rescuer offered to send you one; I'd take him up on that.  I have the P/N of that adapter around here somewhere, but of course it's hiding since I need it now.  :-) 

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