[rescue] wide drive in an LX?

Curious George jorge234q at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 12 11:23:58 CST 2008

--- "Sheldon T. Hall" <shel at artell.net> wrote:

> Quoth Curious George ...
> > I'd like to replace the 4G half-height drive
> > in my LX with an 18G third-height drive that
> > I have "collecting dust".


> > The cable has a 68pin connector (male) on
> > one end and a 50 pin terminator on the other.
> > Adjacent to the terminator is a 50 pin ribbon
> > (female) connector.


> > I can strap the drive to force it to
> > operate in SE mode (vs. LVD).  But, how
> > will operating it without a terminator
> > on that end of the cable work?  Likewise,
> > since there are only 50 conductors coming
> > across the cable, the high bits of the bus
> > are unconnected and, thus, "floating".
> > Will this be a source of problems?
> I don't have a complete answer to your question, but
> I have an LX back home with an SCA drive in it, with
> an adaptor but no terminator, and it works fine.

Are you sure the adapter itself doesn't have any
termination on it?

> I had to hack the sheetmetal drive mounting quite
> a bit, since the drive + adaptor + cable connector
> was too long to fit into the normal drive bay, of
> course, but it wasn't too hard.

Yeah, I have a 50<->68 pin *passive* adapter but it,
too, lengthens the drive assembly just enough to where
the cable would end up outside the enclosure.  :<
Talk about "tight fits"!  :-/

> I'd say the cable is less than a foot long.

Well, I guess I can always *try* it (with a good
set of backups in place!) and get some "empirical
evidence"  :-/


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