[rescue] ipaq 'rescue'

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at hawkmountain.net
Wed Jan 9 21:13:36 CST 2008

I have an HP iPaq h5150... the screen wasn't so great... so took it all 
apart, and
found out screen had been exposed to water.

Actually disassembled the screen, cleaned all layers, and 
reassembled.... screen
looks better now... but in the process, the touch screen has gotten 
damaged (lower
right quadrant not responding).

Now... on eBay you can find touch screens for all sort of iPaqs... but 
not for the
5100/5150 series... (I dunno why... older units ?  less common ?  parts 
not as
available ?  doesn't make enough money for the sellers ?)

So... anyone out there know where to get a touch screen (or whole 
display with
touch screen) cheap for one of these ?  I found on place, but it's like 
$50+ for
just a touch screen.

I'd also take a failed iPaq 5100/5150 that should have a good touch screen
(actual LCD beneath can be broken even... as long as the upper layer (touch
screen) is intact)).

Hoping one of you out there has one or knows where to get one.  I got 
the unit
for dirt dirt cheap (as is).  It is a bit cosmetically challenged, plus 
it hasn't had
any real 'time' on it... so I'm hesitant to put much money into it... 
hence the need
for cheap :-)

Thanks !

-- Curt

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