[rescue] Alpha RAM question

Jonathan Groll lists at groll.co.za
Wed Jan 9 02:06:36 CST 2008

A friend of mine gave me a pack of 256MB 168 pin RAM (the packet
says for Alpha/PWS), which I would like to use in my AlphaServer800,
but the RAM is ever-so-slightly different:

Modules are higher than the existing modules (but this shouldn't be a
problem - there is height space. And oddly enough the markings on the
modules are similar to those on the current modules (ie. pins 1-84
marked on the one side, flip them over and you see 168 on the left, 85
on the right). However, they just seem to be keyed ever-so-slightly
differently - if you are looking at them with pin 1 on the left and
pin 84 on the right, there are 2 grooves amongst the pins, the left
most groove after the first group of 10 pins is 1mm or so too far to
the right.

I suspect that if I got to work on the one groove with a nail file I
*could* make em fit. Can anyone shed some light on why this RAM is
keyed differently? Take it is a given that I know very little about
Alpha hardware!

On the module board is silk-screened 50126101 Rev A
There is a sticker attached saying Tanisys TNG 7232E28A1AEO 107-02250
C20981 9846
Chips are made by NEC, with 18 chips in two rows of 9 on each side of
each module (ie. 36 chips in total)

Many thanks,

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