[rescue] really old SysVr4

wa2egp at att.net wa2egp at att.net
Mon Jan 7 00:45:05 CST 2008

> Yeah, the 5620 had a portrait screen with the awesome red mouse. You
> better keep that kit under lock and key or you'll find it magically
> disappearing into my house some night ;)
> John

That machine was one of a series of 3b2 machines that gave me my start in Unix.  I got the 5620 from a friend who couldn't get it to work.  I did.  I loved that mouse.  As clunky as it was, I found it comfortable.  Those thinks are better than lock and key.  My basement is like a landfill or more like the last scene in the first Indiana Jones movie.  Good luck finding it!  :)


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