[rescue] Machines up for grabs - status...

Christopher Purdy escher2 at chartermi.net
Sat Jan 5 23:03:49 CST 2008

Hi again folks.  Ok - heres the list of machines and who's in line for them:

Sun Blade - Sorry - I'm keeping this one... Been wanting to play with one for a while.

Hp 3000C's - Ryan - picking up next Sunday

Hp 2600's / C360 1st in line - David Muran, 2nd - Dave O'Brien
Both want to know my location - Fenton, MI 48430

Dell server: 1st for parts - Curtis, Second - Eric.
I owe you two gents the model number - I'll look Monday.

David Muran - Please let me know if you are still interested based on my location, if not I will inform Dave Obrien.

I hope I got everyone that responded... I didn't expect this much interest!

FYI - I will be clearing out a bunch of items from my collection in the next weeks to make room for new toys...  
If I can get the blade running I will probably give up my ultra 10- 440.
I also have a sparc4, 5, 10 and ultra 1 that I'm not using....

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