[rescue] Poweredge 2650 fans?

Erie Patsellis erie at shelbyvilledesign.com
Sat Jan 5 20:04:24 CST 2008

I have a similar situation with my Proliant 6400R, I've purchased two 
rear fans on ebay, both advertised as good, both of them had a single 
fan (of the redundant pair) fail, one of these days I need to swap some 
around, but annoying to say the least at the then price of $85 each.


Aaron Finley wrote:
> I picked up a Dell PowerEdge 2650 today from a surplus outfit for $10. 
> It was described as dead and "for parts only." Turns out it has Dual 
> Xeon 3.2s and 8GB of RAM in it, powers on fine, but was raided for all 
> the fans.
> I'm going for a few SAP certifications in a few months, and I really 
> need a test-bed for a few instances to play around with. This seems like 
> the perfect machine (especially because of the ample RAM) to play around 
> with on a budget.
> Does anyone have a dead 2650 that they'd be willing to part for the 
> fans? I'm willing to pay good money for them ($100?), but with current 
> eBay fan pricing, just buying all fans alone (4x CPU, 1x cage, 4x rear) 
> would put me in brand new dual quad core special range.
> -- Aaron
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