[rescue] Looking for unwanted/surplus/etc PC parts, laptop parts, jaz drive(s), dvdrom drives, memory, etc

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at hawkmountain.net
Tue Jan 1 13:53:44 CST 2008

I know most/all of these items aren't classic yet... but everyone here 
seems to usually have
usefull items/knowledge on newer things too...

I'm looking for the following things to make use of some hardware I have...

Pentium IV mainboard (socket 478) to handle 533 FSB/DDR 333 or better

Pentium IIIS (Tualatin) 1.4Ghz 512K cache cpu

Pentium-M and Intel Core Solo/Duo (not Core 2) procs (i.e. pulls from 
dead laptops)

256MB or 512MB (non registered) PC133 DIMMS

DDR333 (or DDR400) DIMMS, 128MB or larger

2GB and 1GB internal JAZ drive (SCSI or ATAPI (did they have ATAPI 
versions ?))

SCSI DVD drives (Toshiba, Pioneer, etc)

screws to hold the keyboard in a Dell Latitude C600 (M2.5 x 12mm) (4 of 
them I think)
drive caddy for Dell Latitude C600
memory door for Dell Latitude C600 (not scrictly necessary... but mine 
is scratched up bad)

Stuff I have to trade if anyone wants to trade...

SS10/20 parts (power supplies, a few procs, some memory, cabling, 
mainboards, etc)
SCSI hard drives, ranging from sub 1G 50 pin to 9G SCA.
IDE hard drives ranging from sub 1G to 15ish gig
Sun 611 drive boxes
12 bay Sun scsi enclosure (uses SCA drives/spud brackets)
some SGI Indy and Indigo 2 parts (most everything except processors)
256MB PC133 ECC Registered memory (for P3 class server hardware)
All sorts of 68K Macs/parts and some early PPC Macs/parts

So... if you have anything from my list and/or you are interested in 
anything I've listed
e-mail me...


-- Curt

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