[rescue] - hosts.txt from early or mid-1980's

Scott Mickey mickey at denver.net
Mon Feb 25 21:35:16 CST 2008

Before DNS, there was just a single hosts.txt file. 
Everyone downloaded it from SRI-NIC (anon ftp to 
Many RFC's and web pages about the history of DNS describe 
the hosts.txt file.  However, I cannot find an actual 
hosts.txt file from the early or mid-1980's. 
RFC 920, dated October 1984, talks about a temporary 
Top Level Domain = .arpa and several new TLD's: 
.gov, .edu, .com, .mil, and .org. 
I would like to see a version of hosts.txt that has these 
"new" TLD's.  I am fairly certain such a hosts.txt was 
being maintained before DNS (BIND) was widely deployed. 
Why do I want an old hosts.txt? 
I am curious to see a list of the first 100 or so .com 
domains in existence. 
If you've got anything on an old system disk or on tape, 
please send it to me.  Thanks! 
Scott Mickey

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