[rescue] V880 Question

Ahmed Ewing aewing at gmail.com
Mon Feb 25 12:27:37 CST 2008

On Mon, Feb 25, 2008 at 12:39 PM, Mark Brown <sunrescue at marknmel.com> wrote:
> I was wondering if anyone can spare a clue for me here? :-)
>  I have a V880 here on loan belonging to another department at $WORK.  I
>  wish to preserve all data on this system, as this is just a temporary loan.
>  On this host there are 6 internal FC disks, and an A1000 on top of the
>  host. Of course, the A1000 is differential SCSI.
>  So, I unplugged all the internal FC disks, and left the A1000 turned off.
>  I added a pci dual channel SUN LVD/SE board, and plugged a sun multipack
>  in containing 10 x 36GB disks.
>  At the prom - I can do a: probe-scsi-all successfully. All good right?
>  When I "boot net -s", and type "format" I get - "No Disks Found".  I
>  expect to see the 10 disks from the Multi-pack. (My mini root is Solaris
>  9 - 0905 release)
> [snip]

IIRC, the Dual LVD SCSI cards are not supported out of the box by
Solaris 9 because their driver isn't bundled and available to be
installed by default, even with the Entire distro plus OEM cluster.
Solaris 10, on the other hand, does feature support for these with no
other hoop-jumping necessary; booting your V880 from a Sol10 CD/DVD or
netboot image should work ok.

Try installing the driver packages to your netboot image using "pkgadd
-R <relative root path>" then attempt the boot net -s again. Assuming
we are in fact talking about the same piece of hardware (375-3057?)
then it should be the following:


The latest Sol9 driver patch (112706) is also recommended.

Hope that helps,


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