[rescue] Earl Scans some RAM... (part 1)

Earl D. Baugh Jr. earl at baugh.org
Sun Feb 24 22:05:51 CST 2008

I'm now finally able to start going thru the pile of RAM that I has  
accumulated here, and am sorting, scanning and will be posting
to see if anybody is interested.  It either goes out, or goes to the  
donation or recycling center...

Please, please, please, if you see any descriptions that are wrong,  
let me know.  I've been struggling to identify all of this stuff
for a while now and have done my best, but it's possible that I don't  
have something right.
If you help identify it, I'll give you first crack at it as well 8-)

All Photos are in : http://www.flickr.com/photos/13888803@N06/sets/72157603976585774/detail/
(the matching labels I've listed below)

1) Piece of Kingston PC 100 Notebook RAM -- Believe it's a 128MB stick  
from a Dell Latitude.
Photo : Laptop1

2) 1 MB x 9 100ns 30 pin, Qty 11.  Part #'s, 501-1239 all.  4 high  
profile, 4 lower.
Photo:  Bag 1 -- ONE SIMM didn't make the picture.

3) 256KB x 9 80ns 30 pin, Qty 16.  Part #'s 501-1314 all.
Photo:  Bag 2

4) 1 MB x 9 100ns 30 pin, Qty 12.  On back has label Helios Systems  
Photo:  Bag 3

5)  256MB x 9  100ns, 30 pin, Qty 8.  On back has Samsung KM58256A-10.  
Chips on front KM44C256AJ-10.  Searches have indicated that this has  
parity, even though it's only 2 chips.
Photo: Bag 4

6) 256KB x 9 150ns 30 pin, Qty 4. On back has NEC MC-41256A8B-15.
Photo: Bag 5

7) 1MB  80ns 30 pin, Qty 3.  Part # 501-1408 all.
Photo: Bag 6

8)  4MB x 9 60ns 72 pin, Qty 9. Part # 501-1991
Photo: Bag 7

All of this is for the cost of shipping and whatever else you think is  
reasonable.. all $$ goes to the "Earl NAS" fund 8-).   But I'm wiling  
to consider trade or whatever...


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