[rescue] Voyager keyboard connection

Phil Stracchino alaric at metrocast.net
Sun Feb 24 16:30:34 CST 2008

der Mouse wrote:
>> Quick question(s):
>> 1.  Should a Type 6 keyboard work with a Voyager?
>> 2.  Failing that, does anyone have a spare keyboard cable that will
>>     work with a Voyager?
> In my experience, a Voyager is functionally just like any other Sun
> using miniDIN-8 for keyboard/mouse.  However, I "my experience" means
> using older keyboards, not newer keyboards - I normally use a type-3 -
> so, while I feel moderately confident the interface is electrically
> compatible, I don't know whether the ROM code will actually work with a
> type-6.

OK, I figured it *should* work, but figured I ought to ask just on the 
off chance anyone said, "NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!  Don't EVER do that with a 
Voyager, or you'll fry ...."

> As for keyboard cables, any miniDIN8-to-miniDIN8 cable with all 8 pins
> wired straight through ought to work, seems to me.  (If you're trying
> to obtain such a cable elsewhere, some older Mac printer cables
> qualify, and of course Sun made a lot of such cables too.)

Yup, they did.  I just don't happen to have one.  :)  (Accessible to me 
right now, anyway ...  I *might* have one hidden away in an 
as-yet-unsorted box somewhere)

> Well, that's assuming your keyboard uses miniDIN8; I don't know the
> type-6.

Yup, it's a mini-8.

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