[rescue] Looking for tips and advice on laptop disassembly

Mr Ian Primus ian_primus at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 24 08:28:35 CST 2008

--- "Carl R. Friend" <crfriend at rcn.com> wrote:

>     Greetings Rescuers!
>     I'm looking for advice on how to get a Gateway
> W323-UI1 type laptop
> apart.  Specifically, I need to disconnect the
> display and CCFL lamps
> as I think they're pulling the PSU down and keeping
> the thing from
> doing anything.  

>     I'm normally pretty adept at getting things
> apart and back together,
> but this thing has me stumped.

Typically, to remove the display from a laptop, you
need to remove the keyboard and the upper panel, above
the keyboard (with the power button on it) I don't
know this specific laptop, but you generally have to
just pry out that upper panel. The display itself is
typically anchored on both rear corners, two screws
each, on the back, for hinge stability. But you still
need to disconnect the display. How far can you get
it? Can you get the keyboard off? Can you see the
display connector? The display ribbon cable is
generally looped around or anchored with a screw (for
strain relief of the connector), so even if you
disconnect it, the display can't be removed. Sometimes
you need to remove the entire top housing of the
laptop. Look underneath, start taking screws out.
Don't forget to check under rubber feet for hidden
screws, as well as under the memory door, or even in
the herd drive compartment. Best to start by removing
all removeable panels and drives.

Do you have a big hammer? <grin>


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