[rescue] Picked up my E4500 today

Matthew Weigel unique at idempot.net
Sun Feb 24 00:00:27 CST 2008

'Fun' drive - Austin<->Houston<->Austin in 6 hours.  The gas bill sure beats 
the ~$250 shipping option, though! :-)

The E4500 can hold 8 modules total, including the one required I/O board, and 
this one came with 7 CPU boards, 1 I/O board, and 1 disk board (not 
installed).  The seller indicated that there had been heat problems with the 
disk module, and suggested I not use it (in favor of external storage).

But I noticed the drives are both 10,000 RPM, and I'm wondering whether I 
would see a noticeable reduction in heat from 7200 RPM drives (I have some 
here, getting them isn't a problem).  Any opinions?
  Matthew Weigel
  unique & idempot.ent

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