[rescue] Wide disk in SPARC LX, resolved

Curious George jorge234q at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 23 13:01:30 CST 2008

Yay!  Perseverance is rewarded!  :>

After discouraging results with some 18G
wide drives, I tried a 36G Quantum drive 
that advertised a "NO WIDE" strapping option.

This worked like a charm!  So, I have to
conclude that my cabling attempts were
good -- the fault was entirely in the
previously tried drives (which are proven
to be operational as *wide* drives but,
apparently, don't like it if their wide
negotiation is denied  :< ) -- or, the
LX not handling wide negotiation requests
properly (?)

If I had a protocol analyzer, I could
resolve this.  But, it's not worth the
effort now that it works!  :>

Of course, its a shame that the LX's SCSI
implementation is so *slow* but... <shrug> I
wasn't looking for *speed* here but, rather,
*capacity*!  :>


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