[rescue] XTERMS - was: Free: Sparcstation 1/1+/2/5, U5, monitors, cables.

Mike Hebel nimitz at nimitzbrood.com
Tue Feb 19 09:06:16 CST 2008

On Tue, 19 Feb 2008 09:01:18 -0600, Bill Bradford <mrbill at mrbill.net>
> On Mon, Feb 18, 2008 at 09:54:19PM -0600, Lionel Peterson wrote:
>> I used a pair of Netgear units (XE102, IIRC), but something like this
> would
>> likely be just as gooD (it's the newer version):
> I tried both the old and new versions of the powerline ethernet bridges,
> and they sucked horribly.  I went back to WDS wireless bridging between
> rooms.

That's what I'm planning on doing until I get 220V put in the garage. 
(Once we close on the house next week.)

When they put 220V in the garage they'll have to trench between the garage
and the house so I'll just have them put in a separate empty 3/4" conduit
that I can put outdoor cable in.

Of course by the time I get to that I'll be putting fiber in that conduit.

Mike Hebel
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