[rescue] 9" VAIO with transmeta processor

Dan Sikorski me at dansikorski.com
Mon Feb 18 12:21:05 CST 2008

Steve Hatle wrote:
> I fiddled with mine this weekend and installed xubuntu. My machine is the
> PCG-C1X, and I didn't get a good X config at first. I had to diddle
> xorg.conf to get the 1024x480 resolution that this things supports, but once
> that was done, it seems to run fine; recognized my wireless card, USB port,
> etc.
I stuck a wireless card in it last week, (old orinoco silver borrowed 
from a coworker) and have used it some.  I'm actually pretty impressed 
with xubuntu, everything seems to just work with the exception of audio, 
but i haven't looked into that at all, i just noticed that it wasn't 
working.  It might just be muted in software.  Did you have any problems 
with that?
> As you say, it is a bit sluggish, but I'll also go and prune out things I
> don't need.
I really wish that it was reasonable to add more memory to it.  128MB 
just barely cuts it.  Firefox is usable only on simple websites and for 
minimal browsing time.  Thunderbird sucked.  Pidgin was ok.  I've seen 
256MB modules on ebay, but they are hundreds of dollars.  The machine 
isn't worth that much to me.
> Thanks for the kick in the pants- it's just what I needed to apply myself
> and get the new OS installed. Now I need to decide if I'll use it enough to
> justify buying a new battery and a USB to serial converter. The main reason
> I still hang on to my TP 240 is that it has a "real" serial port.
The one i have actually belongs to a coworker who is looking to get rid 
of it.  I'm trying to decide if it's worth money to me or not.  It's 
very nice as a portable little machine, but i'm afraid the lack of 
memory might be too limiting for my envisioned use.  A usb/serial 
converter would definitely be in my bag of accessories for that if i do 
decide to keep/purchase it.  It looks like the batteries are pretty 
reasonable on ebay.

    -Dan Sikorski

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